zombie raiders apk

zombie raiders apk android game

zombie raiders apk – Download zombie raiders android game. In the post-apocalyptic world, survival is the largest of the enterprises. In your shelter, supplies were scarce.

When you found a helicopter, decided to take off in search of survival and valuable items. But eventually found something more important, Zombstones that crashed in Earth and apparently are making the dead come back and attack the living.

zombie raiders apk

to destroy them you will have to explore and reactivate all the failed Government’s Task-Force Outposts to find the parts and assemble the time-bomb capable of blowing up the artifact and save humanity.

zombie raiders features –

  • Lots of items to scavange and craft
  • Build walls and utilities to fortify your shelter
  • Hire companions, trade, buy and sell items
  • Conquer Outposts through the map
  • Explode bombs, landmines and barrels
  • Play online with your friends using a LAN network


Requirement – android 2.1+

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